Blood Splatter Nails for Halloween

What I used: 
White nail polish
Red nail polish
Black nail polish with red shimmer(optional)
Two coffee straws 

(Photo from my Instagram) 



Outfit of the Day: LA Crop Top

Hey everyone! This outfit I wore when I went camping. I know shorts are more camping friendly, but I really liked my acid wash jeans with this crop top. It looks more edgy that way. This type of outfit can be worn to many places in California (Coachella, concerts, mall, lunch date). 
In some of these photos I can't help but think that I really needed to pull my pants up a little. Haha I guess the jeans are a size to big (they're size 10. I usually wear an 8 or 7).


Opal Nails

Oh Opal  I decided to try this opal nail look I saw on Lockerz. I always wondered how people would blend nail polish colors together without it being clumpy. After doing some research, I found out the trick is to use plastic wrap. Yes, plastic wrap! 
1) Paint your nails white (or any other base color you want).
2) Choose a few different nail polish colors that you feel complement each other well.
3) Dot those colors in random areas of your nail. (Make sure you don't put too little nail polish because it wont blend. And don't put too much because it will get all over your fingers, and the colors will not look as nice)
4) Place the plastic wrap (or plastic ziplock bag) over your nail. You can tap on the plastic a few times or move the plastic around a little bit.
5) After you remove the plastic, paint on top coat. 


Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara Review + Photos

I received this mascara complementary from Influenster about 3 months ago; and never got around to doing a blog post. But here I am today finally reviewing it for you all!


H&M Outfits

I was on the H&M website and saw so many cute clothes! I think I am having H&M withdraws...
I started to come up with outfit ideas using the clothes from their site. Might as well post them on my blog, right? 

I wish I could buy all these clothes right now. It is tragic that the H&M near me never has the really cute things that the website has. Boo...

All Clothes- www.hm.com/us/ 



My Favorite Swimsuits (Summer 2013)

Swimsuits, I feel, are very challenging to shop for. I don't know about you girls, but it is hard for me to find a bathing suit in my size that also looks good. Because of my tiny chest, I have found it difficult to find one that doesn't make me look flat chested but still fits. After trying out multiple types of swimwear, I have come to realize I can't buy string bikinis (they make my chest look empty and never feel secure) and pushup padded tops (I find these uncomfortable and always too big a cup size or too tight around). This year I finally have two swimsuits that are cute, comfortable, and don't make me look flat chested! 
Both bathing suits below are in the bandeau styles. I have tried a few bandeaus before, and they would look like they are flattening my boobs. But these bandeau do a great job at making me look curvy. The first one I LOVE because of the cute design and shape. The second has ruffles that give the illusion of a fuller chest. The bottoms of both swimsuits are also great. Both feel secure and comfortable.

Money Saving Tip: If a two piece swimsuit is expensive, buy the top but find solid bottoms that are the same color for a cheaper price.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer! 


4th of July Outfit + American Flag Nail Design

Sorry about this post not being before Independence Day. I thought I might as well still post it since I look these pictures. 
This outfit is very casual and layback. You can definitely wear it any day you want in summer (except for a dressy event). I would have worn more accessories, but when it was dark I was wearing a bunch of glow sticks.


My Travels: Hawaii (Big Island)

Every year I believe I will have TONS of time during the end of Spring and Summer to post blogs and videos. And for the past few years I am always too busy to post every week. Why do I do this? Ugh.

Something you don't know about me is that I love to travel and go to new places. Due to my mom being a travel major in college, we both like to go to a lot of destinations. (I actually have a mental list in my head of all the places I want to visit. Doesn't everyone?) We recently went to Hawaii and I thought I would show you some of the pictures. I am thinking about doing a travel series. I'm not sure if "series" is an appropriate word for a blog post. I hope it is. 
Traveling is a huge part of my life, so why not share it on my blog? Enjoy!


Nail Caviar from PacSun Review

While I was at PacSun a few months ago, I noticed this nail caviar with a bunch of other nail items. I had never tried it before, but because it was on sale I decided to finally give it a try.

If you are looking for a review or wanted to know some tips, just keep reading.


Outfit of the Day: Long Flow-y Spring

It has been a while since my last outfit of the day post. I hope this summer I will have the chance to post a lot more.
When I saw this sheer blouse at H&M I thought I HAD to have it. But once I brought it home, I had no idea how to wear it. Sadly, this beautiful blouse/dress/thing spent months in my closet. I finally told myself, "You have to wear this". Simple was the only way I could think of wearing this, so I paired it with jeans and simple accessories. 



Spring Break
I cannot believe it has been four months since my last blog post! I hope this summer I will post more frequently. 
With me being gone for so long you might be asking, "What were you doing?"
I am mostly busy with college and homework. Right when I think I will have time to post a bunch 
a professor decided to give us a huge assignment. UGH.

For Spring break I finally had a few days to relax. (One week for Spring break is a joke.)

Phone Case from Cotton On 

I love reading magazines when I get the chance. I only got the chance to read a few since some are so thick (Thanks Elle and InStyle)! 

This is the pile of magazine I still need to read. Crazy.

My mom also bought me Perks of Being a Wallflower from Target. I probably watched it 4 times over my break!

I know this post is very random. I just wanted to update you, and tell you that I will post an outfit of the day very soon. 


Outfit of the Day: Dusty Rose

This is an outfit that I wore out to the movies and shopping with my friend. The purse I am wearing is my favorite purse, but sadly the faux leather is chipping off (it might be paint). The scarf is my absolute favorite. It can go with so many outfits and seasons!


Outfit of the Day: Casual for Ice Skating

This is the outfit I wore when I went ice skating with one of my friends. I wanted to dress casual because I was worried of falling and ruining any nice clothing. My clothing kept me nice and warm throughout the chilly night on the ice. 
Sorry about these photos not being great. As I said before, I got a new DSLR camera and I'm still learning. 


New Year

  2012 was a year of growth and new adventures. Not a lot has changed about me, but life around me has changed. I turned 18 this year (I know. So old!), graduated high school, went to college, and started a blog. 
  I originally started my blog just to post hauls and reviews on items that I did not have the time to film a video on. 
    For 2013, I want to blog more often. I will still be making videos on YouTube of course. YouTube is my first love, and something I have been enjoying since 2010. The reason why I suddenly want to blog more is due to the fact that I really enjoy photography and taking photos. 
My goal for 2013 is to post more videos on my comedy/random channel, post more on this blog (hellofashionkitty07), and to reach 100 followers.
I hope you all have an amazing 2013 and follow me though this journey!