Spring Break
I cannot believe it has been four months since my last blog post! I hope this summer I will post more frequently. 
With me being gone for so long you might be asking, "What were you doing?"
I am mostly busy with college and homework. Right when I think I will have time to post a bunch 
a professor decided to give us a huge assignment. UGH.

For Spring break I finally had a few days to relax. (One week for Spring break is a joke.)

Phone Case from Cotton On 

I love reading magazines when I get the chance. I only got the chance to read a few since some are so thick (Thanks Elle and InStyle)! 

This is the pile of magazine I still need to read. Crazy.

My mom also bought me Perks of Being a Wallflower from Target. I probably watched it 4 times over my break!

I know this post is very random. I just wanted to update you, and tell you that I will post an outfit of the day very soon. 

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