Nail Caviar from PacSun Review

While I was at PacSun a few months ago, I noticed this nail caviar with a bunch of other nail items. I had never tried it before, but because it was on sale I decided to finally give it a try.

If you are looking for a review or wanted to know some tips, just keep reading.

First, I started off by painting my nails with a Zoya nail lacquer in "IZZY". 

Then, I choose a nail caviar that went well with my polish. Lucky for me, I found one that was almost exactly the same.

After you paint your nails, you will want to apply a clear coat of polish. Make sure you have a bowl or cup to collect the fallen caviar before you start.
(This way you could also save some to put back in the container.)
Above the bowl, sprinkle the nail caviar on your nail before the clear polish has dried.

The directions on the box say to apply a top coat when you are finished so the caviar does not fall off.

But unfortunately, when I applied the top coat it made the color on the caviar smear. 

This is a photo of the color that came off the caviar onto the top coat brush. I would recommend possibly finding a better brand of nail caviar that doesn't have dye which will slide off, or not using a top coat at all. 

The only dilemma when you do not use the top coat is that the nail caviar begins to fall off within a few hours. In three days, you wont have any little beads left on your nails at all. :(
With top coat your nails should last until you remove it yourself.


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