Campus VoxBox 2015

I received my Campus Voxbox in the mail a week ago and decided to show you guys what I got for FREE. If you aren't already, sign up on influenster.com to have a chance to possibly get free items for testing purposes. It's really awesome & most of the items are full sized! 



Rome Weekend

Three days is not nearly enough time to see the beautiful city of Rome. Unfortunately, that was all the time I had spent there. You would have to be in Rome for a month to do and see everything worth visiting! 


Venice & Verona

the city of love (or just the city where the story of Romeo and Juliet takes place)
Verona is absolutely beautiful. But i have to say, it felt a bit like a movie set. If you've been to Universal Studios or Disneyland, you probably know what I mean. The buildings and streets were all so nice and clean! 
It funny because you walk around this city where everything is almost perfect than BAM! The amphitheater.

This photo was taken at the entrance right under the seats of the arena.

 The Roman amphitheater 
 This photo was taken from the top of the Arena. It was quite a workout getting up, but worth it. You get a lovely view of the city, park, and even the Swiss alps! 

Juliet's balcony

the sinking city

Be prepared for an unnecessary amount of gondola pictures