Fall Nail Polish: Week 5-Halloween Glowing Spiderwebs

For Halloween, I like to do a spiderweb nail design on my nails because it's super easy if you have a thin nail polish brush. If you want to learn how to do this design, I have a video on my YouTube Channel. I just used a plain black nail polish, a white nail art polish with precision brush, and a glow-in-the-dark nail polish by Sally Girl. You can find this nail polish in most Sally beauty supply stores.
(The glowing nail polish pictures were taken in a dark room with no flash.)


Fall Nail Polish: Week 4- Dark Fun Purple

Sephora by O.P.I. in "Just A Little Dangerous"
This is a fun dark purple nail polish that I am completely in love with. The name of this nail polish,"Just a Little Dangerous" is absolutely perfect for this color. The nail polish color is definitely multi-colorality (like multi-personality). In some lighting you will see a plain dark purple, black, or a plum purple with tons of fun purple shimmer. I only needed two coats and three on a few of the nails. 



Fall Nail Polish: Week 3- Bright Pumpkin

Circus By Andrea's Choice in "Spectacle"
This is a fun bright orange color that I thought would be festive to wear during the month of October. The orange is VERY bright. Adding a white base coat (like I did on my ring finger) will make the color even brighter! 
I am not a fan of the matte nail polishes. Mostly because they are not as nice looking when the color dries. I won't be wearing this nail polish for too long, but it was fun to try out.


Fall Nail Polish Week 2- Burgundy-ish Raspberry

This is O.P.I. "California Raspberry"
I have fallen in love with this color! It looks very pretty on and I think is great for evening and daytime outfits during the Fall. Reds are always big for Fall and Winter. Going with a raspberry shaded red can be a good idea if red nail polish is too boring for you. 
I took pictures of the nail polish is different lighting. Trust me, it looks better in person.
I have had this nail polish on for four days and it has not chipped yet.