Fall Nail Polish: Week 1- Matte Plum Fuchsia/Purple

It's officially Fall! 
My first nail polish for Fall is Circus By Andrea's Choice in "Tightrope". I thought that this would be a great transitional color from Summer to Autumn. It is bright and fun enough from Summer but plumy and purple for Fall.

Review- The nail polish is very matte and has a matte finished when it is dry. I would recommend using a top coat with this nail polish. As you can tell from the photos, it chipped after only wearing it a few hours without a top coat. Usually it take me 4 days before my nail polish chips. Tightrope is a nice fun color but I may be forced to repaint my nails soon.

Update: The nail polish was chipping like crazy! After just a few days, half the nail polished chipped off. It was also a pain to remove. I was really surprised because it did not have any shimmer or glitter. I am sure the I will never wear this polish on its own again.

September MyGlam/IPSY Bag


Fall Nail Polish

Hey Everyone!
 Starting September 22nd (the first day of Fall), I will be posting weekly pictures of my nails all Fall. This way you can see exactly what color is on my nails. 
Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, but my favorite thing is Fall colors. And I don't mean orange! I love fall nail polish colors, and this way you will see what colors are popular and what colors I love for this time of year.


P.S. I will also be reviewing the nail polishes.

My Water Lily Monet Nails

This nail design was inspired by Michelle Phan's Water Lily tutorial.