DIY: Jar Of Memories

I decided to share this cool project that I will be starting for the new year. And maybe you will join me too? 
I was going through my Instagram timeline a few months ago, and one of the accounts I am following (alwaysdirectioners) posted a photo that said, "Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happened. On New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year." 
Personally, I can be a very sentimental person. Memories are things that I hold close to my heart, and hope to always remember. This idea is something that I am looking forward to in the new year. I never really make New Years restitution. I just ask that my family will be safe and health for the upcoming year. But this year, I am planning on keeping all my memories in a jar. 

If you plan on joining me, here is what you need to do:

First, you will need a jar. I found these jars in the back of a kitchen cabinet in my house. You can use honey, jelly, any jar you want. If you cannot find one in your house, I know that a lot of stores sell empty jars by the dozens to even a single glass jar.  

Out of the three jars I found, I decided to go with the largest. Better safe than sorry!
A plain glass jar can be kind of boring. So if you wish, you can decorate it with glitter, ribbons, paint, or whatever you think would look nicest in your room.

After you are finished buying and decorating your jar, you will need to find some StickyNotes and a pen/pencil/marker. 

The reason for this is to write down your amazing memories!

This is just an example of something you might put in the jar. (I didn't actually get a puppy)
You can write your memory anyway you want. A short note (like I need), a few lines, or even a paragraph if you want to remember every detail.
 I would also recommend that you add the date somewhere on the note.
*Excuse my awful handwriting. It was not a very easy surface to write on.

As the year goes on, and the amazing memories happen, put them into your jar.

I just rolled my notes up, but you don't have to do that same. I think it would be really cool to fold the notes and do origami shapes like stars. 

On New Years Day of next year, open your jar and read all the amazing things that happened through out this year. :)



New Camera! Say What!?

There comes a point in every young bloggers life when... they finally get a new and more improved camera!

 "What I got for Christmas?" videos, I would say, are very popular for YouTube gurus to get requested. I have never been one to spend hours watching them, or ever imagine unload one myself! I am not saying that I will be uploading one, but I will show you one of the gift I received this year (only due to the fact that it relates to the future of my blog). 
This year for Christmas, my lovely mother bought be a brand new camera! YouTubers and Bloggers get asked one question a lot, "What camera do you use?". Do not worry guys, I will answer this very important question right now. The camera that I received for Christmas is a Canon Rebel T3i.
To be entirely honest, I know nothing about these big professional cameras. It actually took me 20 minutes to figure out how to take a photo! On that note, you will all have to bear with me. This could bring some major trial and error to the upcoming photos on my blog.
I will still be using my iPhone camera for any nail photo that I may upload, but the majority of my new photos will probably be taken with the Canon Rebel T3i.


~ My Christmas Nails ~

Do you like my nails? There is a tutorial on my YouTube channel called "New Year's and Christmas Nail Tutorial", which I filmed last year. Go check it out if you want!
I did everything the same, except this time I used Sephora by OPI in "Sample Sale" for the base red.


Fall Nail Polish: Week 11- Christmas in Red

Sephora by O.P.I. in "Sample Sale"

This nail polish is the perfect Chritmas-y red in my opinion. It has a true red base with small red shimmer. I really recommend this color if you want a red that's for the holidays or anytime during the year.
I have been wearing the polish for three days, and it has not chipped yet. I also am not wearing a top or base coat.


Bath & Body Works Candle Haul

I decided to do this haul as a blog post because it seemed like too small of a haul to do a full video on. They were having the 3-Wick candles on sale for only $8 (Regular $19.50-$20) on Friday, so I had to go. If you saw my last B&BW haul video, then you will know that there was a few candles that I wanted to get the full size of. I only purchased one of the 3-Wick candles(Cranberry Pear Bellini) that I wanted because I did not think I would want a full size of the others after trying them out. 


Fall Nail Polish: Week 10- Perfect Grape

Sephora by O.P.I. in "Eve-y on the Eyes"

This nail polish is the perfect Autumn grape purple color. If you have been following my blog for a while, then you can tell that I love purples. What I find really fun about this purple is the metallic purple shimmer! It adds a nice sparkle and shine without making the polish difficult to remove.
I have had this nail polish on for four days, and so far just have a few chips.


The Cosmo VoxBox from Influenster

Hello everyone!
I am so excited that I was one of the lucky people you got a FREE VoxBox! It comes with some samples AND full sized products! I hope I can find the time to do a video on the unboxing this week.


Fall Nail Polish: Week 9- Golden Leaves

Sephora by O.P.I in Rumba Romance

The nail polish I am wearing this week is a beautiful shimmery gold. It has a slight bronzy copper color to it.
This is a wonderful Autumn and Holiday color. My friend even asked me to paint her nails this color for a Christmas party!
It has only wore off slightly at the end of my nail. The downside is that I had to apply five coats to get the desired look that I wanted.


Outfit of the Day- Black & Blue

Sweater- Forever 21
Blue Pants/Jeans/Leggings- LC by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's
Bracelet- Forever 21
Phone Cases- J. Crew
Studded Flats- JustFab in Saba



Fall Nail Polish: Week 8- Electric Blue

Essie in "Aruba Blue"
This is a fun dark blue with small silver shimmer. I think this is a great color for both Fall and Winter. The color would also look great as a background color if you wanted to paint snowflakes on your nails.
My friend was shocked how long it lasted on my nails with hardly any chips. The photos below we're taken after about 5 days of wearing the polish. It was also easy to remove and did not take forever!


Fall Nail Polish: Week 7- Champagne Gold

Sephora by OPI in "Keep Me On My Mistletoes"
This nail polish is a beautiful shimmery champagne gold color. There is a mix of small gold and silver shimmer that makes the polish shiny and different from an ordinary gold color.
After a week of wearing it, it has only chipped a little at the end of my nails.
I applied about two coats on each nail.