New Camera! Say What!?

There comes a point in every young bloggers life when... they finally get a new and more improved camera!

 "What I got for Christmas?" videos, I would say, are very popular for YouTube gurus to get requested. I have never been one to spend hours watching them, or ever imagine unload one myself! I am not saying that I will be uploading one, but I will show you one of the gift I received this year (only due to the fact that it relates to the future of my blog). 
This year for Christmas, my lovely mother bought be a brand new camera! YouTubers and Bloggers get asked one question a lot, "What camera do you use?". Do not worry guys, I will answer this very important question right now. The camera that I received for Christmas is a Canon Rebel T3i.
To be entirely honest, I know nothing about these big professional cameras. It actually took me 20 minutes to figure out how to take a photo! On that note, you will all have to bear with me. This could bring some major trial and error to the upcoming photos on my blog.
I will still be using my iPhone camera for any nail photo that I may upload, but the majority of my new photos will probably be taken with the Canon Rebel T3i.

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