Opal Nails

Oh Opal  I decided to try this opal nail look I saw on Lockerz. I always wondered how people would blend nail polish colors together without it being clumpy. After doing some research, I found out the trick is to use plastic wrap. Yes, plastic wrap! 
1) Paint your nails white (or any other base color you want).
2) Choose a few different nail polish colors that you feel complement each other well.
3) Dot those colors in random areas of your nail. (Make sure you don't put too little nail polish because it wont blend. And don't put too much because it will get all over your fingers, and the colors will not look as nice)
4) Place the plastic wrap (or plastic ziplock bag) over your nail. You can tap on the plastic a few times or move the plastic around a little bit.
5) After you remove the plastic, paint on top coat. 

(Photo from my Instagram)


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