My Favorite Swimsuits (Summer 2013)

Swimsuits, I feel, are very challenging to shop for. I don't know about you girls, but it is hard for me to find a bathing suit in my size that also looks good. Because of my tiny chest, I have found it difficult to find one that doesn't make me look flat chested but still fits. After trying out multiple types of swimwear, I have come to realize I can't buy string bikinis (they make my chest look empty and never feel secure) and pushup padded tops (I find these uncomfortable and always too big a cup size or too tight around). This year I finally have two swimsuits that are cute, comfortable, and don't make me look flat chested! 
Both bathing suits below are in the bandeau styles. I have tried a few bandeaus before, and they would look like they are flattening my boobs. But these bandeau do a great job at making me look curvy. The first one I LOVE because of the cute design and shape. The second has ruffles that give the illusion of a fuller chest. The bottoms of both swimsuits are also great. Both feel secure and comfortable.

Money Saving Tip: If a two piece swimsuit is expensive, buy the top but find solid bottoms that are the same color for a cheaper price.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer! 

I hope you're having fun in the water this summer!

Arizona Bandeau & Blue Bottoms- JCPennys
Mossimo Ruffle Bandeau with matching bottoms- Target



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