New Year

  2012 was a year of growth and new adventures. Not a lot has changed about me, but life around me has changed. I turned 18 this year (I know. So old!), graduated high school, went to college, and started a blog. 
  I originally started my blog just to post hauls and reviews on items that I did not have the time to film a video on. 
    For 2013, I want to blog more often. I will still be making videos on YouTube of course. YouTube is my first love, and something I have been enjoying since 2010. The reason why I suddenly want to blog more is due to the fact that I really enjoy photography and taking photos. 
My goal for 2013 is to post more videos on my comedy/random channel, post more on this blog (hellofashionkitty07), and to reach 100 followers.
I hope you all have an amazing 2013 and follow me though this journey! 


  1. Great pics!

    &Happy new year!

    It will mean a lot if you have time to check my blog and maybe follow us if you like it ?!

    Hope to see you soon on it !


    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  2. Happy new year to you too! I'm sure that you'll gain more that 100 followers. You just have to be original and be true to yourself and not trying to copy anyone else blogs. Happy new year! :) xx

    1. I would never want to copy anyone's blog, because than I wouldn't be happy with myself and my blog. I love designing my blog and making just the way I want it. Thank you! Happy new year! :))

  3. Oh, and another tip. Always, not matter what, reply to your readers comments! ;) xx