London, I love you.

Coat- H&H  Shirt- TopShop  Purse- JCPenny's  Jeans- American Eagle Shoes- Bata 

I am glad I'm able to post even one outfit picture from London, let alone have clothes on! I know, you are very confused now. Long (tragic) story short, my luggage got lost and didn't return to me until 5 weeks later. I have to admit, I cried about two times on this trip. I would have probably cried many more times if London wasn't so freaking AMAZING. 
The shoes and jacket in the picture above I had on during the plane ride. Yes. All my clothes were in the luggage I was FORCED to check in. Apparently, my carry on bag was too big for the plane. (Stupid European luggage restrictions) Usually I NEVER check in a bag for this reason exactly.I don't want my luggage to be lost and be force to be on vacation in a foreign country with nothing but my hand bag. Lesson learned. When flying with small European airlines (Vueling more specifically) bring two tiny carry-ons. 
The jeans in this photo I borrowed from the roommate I was traveling with. Thank goodness she didn't have to check in her luggage!The shirt I purchased the next day from TopShop after calling Vueling only to have them tell me the luggage is still in Italy.

Hyde Park

The beautiful swans swimming on the pond in Hyde Park

Shirt-H&M  Jeans-H&M
Our Hostel was a five minute walk from Big Ben! I highly recommend The Walrus hostel. Great location & I never felt unsafe. Also, we meet some very friendly people. It's always nice meeting new people on vacation.

London Eye

Oh! Did I mention we saw the QUEEN on our way to tea? Yeah, well, we did.

(the Queen is in pink entering the building)
My roommate and I had time to kill before our tea reservation so we decided to walk around, when we were heading back to the restaurant, we saw a huge crowd and we decided to stand with everyone and see what was going on. Minutes later the Queen drives by.

the delicious food and lemon ginger tea
A little pricey at 20 pounds per person though.

Casually knocking on Harry Potters door

I of course couldn't go to the
 Harry Potter Studios without getting a butterbeer! I've been obsessed ever since I had one in Universal Studios Orlando.

Why do I look incredibly ill in this photo? I blame the lighting, & I had the flu when I arrived to London.
(Thank God for the cold and flu medicine. I never tried black current flavored medicine until this trip. It's very different from the standard American cherry flavor.)

Coat-H&M  Purse-JcPenny's  Blouse-Primark  Cardigan-Primark  Jeans-Primark

A lady blowing her nose. haha Just kidding. Me sitting on the Victoria Memorial.

We can't go to England without trying Nando's or Wagamama's! That's like going to California and not trying In N Out. It would be crazy not to go!


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