Rome Weekend

Three days is not nearly enough time to see the beautiful city of Rome. Unfortunately, that was all the time I had spent there. You would have to be in Rome for a month to do and see everything worth visiting! 

When I was in Rome it rained everyday! Some of the time it wasn't even normal rain. 
It was extremely heavy nonstop for 5 hours kind of rain. This made walking around Rome sightly unpleasant. 
There is nothing worse than walk around with soaking wet socks and shoes. Trust me.

But none the less, Rome is AMAZING. So many beautiful ancient buildings that it's hard to absorb it all, and still remember that these building are real and built hundreds of years ago!
I feel as though there is a history lesson waiting to be told at every corner in Rome.
 Some tips for Rome though, and Italy in general.
 Watch out for cars! Rome is a very busy city and cars are everywhere. Strangely, cross walks are not everywhere. My friends and I had to J-walk across the streets a few times risking our lives (not even being dramatic guys). While living in Italy, my housemates and I had an on going joke about how cars in Italy have the right of way, not people.

Also, watch out for the Gypsies! They are everywhere! Especially outside of places like the Trevi fountain and Colosseum. In Rome there was a lot more people that try and sell you things (umbrellas, roses, toys). The man in this photo would not take no as an answer! He laid the rose on my purse and left it there. After the photos, I of course walked away without paying the two euros. Don't put flowers in my purse after I say no and expect me to pay for it you crazy gypsies man!

The Spanish Steps from Roman Holiday!

 If you are going to buy something from a gypsy or man on the street (like an umbrella, which a lot of people had to buy the weekend we went) make sure to negotiate the price with them. Never pay more than 6 euros for their umbrellas. A lot of people got the guys down to 5 euros. 



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