Update on the March MyGlam Bag

I just received news that the March MyGlam bags with be shipping this week! I am always exited when the beginning of a new month comes and I know I am getting my MyGalm bag.
If you saw my video for the February bag, you should know that I had a few complaints and issues. Nothing serious though! My bag came REALLY late, I got two, a few skincare item I would never use, and a gift certificate for a website that was wayyy too expensive.
I have been following MyGlam on Instagram and here are some of the sneak peaks to this months bag:

MyGlam also just sent out emails and said, "Spring will be here in less than two weeks! Are you ready for an amazing month ahead? Aside from nature's beautiful offerings, we here at MyGlam have quite the treat for you! This month our theme is all about repairing and renewing yourself after the harsh effects of winter. The March Glam Bag is blooming with an incredible beauty bundle that will totally transform you, so that come the sunny days of spring, you will be able to dazzle the world in a whole new light! We want you to spend your spring frolicking through green grass and aromatic roses, rather than sitting at home in a state of confusion."
"Repairing and renewing"? Does this mean more skincare products and no makeup? Let's cross are fingers and hope they mean repair and renew our selves with new glamorous makeup!

I will be posting my March bag as soon as I get it in the mail!

Do you want skincare products or makeup? If you know me, then you probably know I left Birchbox because I didn't want anymore skincare products.

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