March MyGlam Bag

Hey everyone! I got my March MyGlam bag on March 13th and I am not going to lie, I was very disappointed. This would have to be the worst bag MyGlam has done. I didn't even get a box this bad when I was with Birchbox.

First, I didn't want skincare products! Almost EVERYONE was complaining about the skincare products in February. So what do they do for March? More skincare products!! When MyGlam asked what everyone would want in next months bag, a lot of people said makeup brushes and blush. I think they knew this bag would suck so they decided to give us a makeup brush so we are not as angry. At least with Birchbox their skincare samples were from high-end companies that were well liked.

Second, they sent me two AGAIN! I deactivated one so I would not get two bags and I still got two. After they came in the mail, I signed into my MyGlam account and it showed only one as active and the other subscription as deactivated. They need to be a lot more careful. Plus, I got the same exact products in both! Maybe if they were different, I would be so mad. More then half the things I give to my mom.

A lot of people are starting to get really upset on YouTube and some people even nicknamed the subscription service "MyScam". MyGlam falsely advertised all these great companies like Nars, MAC, YSL and I have not even seen them send one of these products! If they keep upsetting their customers, no high-end company will want to put their products in the bags and we will be left with unknown new companies that need people to buy their products.
I decided to give MyGlam till June and if they do not improve, I will go back to Birchbox. And I know a lot of other people on YouTube are doing the same thing.


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